Monday, December 31, 2012

Worst Trends Of 2012.

E! Fashion Police recently released the following trends as the worst to happen in 2012 and requested help on ushering them out leaving room for new ones in 2013. Are these some of YOUR worst trends of 2012.

Peplum. You know, those little shelves that somehow make your hips look massive...unless you're Jessica Alba.

Jumpsuits. Eva Longoria, we love you, but do you really need an outfit that doubles as a flight suit? Why wear that: Just in case somebody suddenly invents jet packs?

Cat stuff. Hello, kitty. Goodbye, kitty.

Going pantless. Yes, Rihanna, we get it: You're hot. But we bet you're also freezing.

Dip-dyed ends. From Christina Aguilera to Lauren Conrad, tons and tons of stars tried on the trend this year. The result: Tons and tons of stars got mistaken for Ke$ha.

Tangerine. It's a lovely color. But like our mom says, eating too much of anything will make you sick.

Low-crotch pants. Hey, maybe Justin Bieber really needs all that room in the crotch area. Or maybe it's time to stop with the wishful thinking.

Over-the-top manis. Seeing a star sporting a super-long or diamond-encrusted manicure was kind of entertaining...the first eight times. But right about now, a simple bottle of Revlon is looking pretty good.

Top-to-toe leather looks. We get all sweaty just looking at outfits like this one, sported by Kerry Washington.

Credits: Eonline

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  1. happy new year..



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