Monday, December 24, 2012

Sick Of These Trends.

As much as we love keeping up with what's hot, even we've got to admit: most fashion trends have the shelf life of an already-opened beer. After a whirlwind summer of bright colors and patterns, and more than one wild shoe: here are 10 fads that we'd like to see bubble their way flat.

My Little Pony hair
The pink and purple dip dye are probably best left to the ponies.

Circle scarves
So bulky! You can do way more with a regular garden-variety scarf. Fight for your scarf's right to have ends!

Multi-finger rings
Have you ever tried to type with one of these bad boys on? It's like that feeling you get wearing a too-tight belt all day.

Sheer dresses over bodysuits
We get it: it's the '90s revival, blah blah blah. But at some point a girl just needs something opaque. And preferably with pants.

Heel-less shoes
LOL, nice try, fashion, but these shoes were not built for the subway.

It's like a "how close to your forehead can you get the rest of your hair" contest.

Buttoned up collars
No matter how hard we try, we still look like we're in grade school when we try this.

Neon orange lipstick
Coral is a lot more flattering, non?

Jeffrey Campbell Lita platforms
Attention personal style bloggers: you know you can wear other types of shoes, right?

Cambridge neon satchels
Neon is not a neutral. It's not!


Are you tired of these trends too?

Credits: Huffingtonpost

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