Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Hair Bow.

Remember Lady Gaga with the huge hair bow at the release of Poker Face in 2009? Guess what? It is making a comeback! Creating loops and bows out of really long hair isn’t anything new but it is getting more sophisticated since Lady Gaga.

Sky high topknots have been making the rounds on the red carpet and everywhere else from Kim Kardashian to Kelly Osbourne but it is a very sharp look that doesn’t work for everyone even on a normal day. A hair bow is a better way to upgrade from the bun and stay on trend without going to the salon.
Here’s how to create the hair bow in three easy steps. First, tie the hair into a high ponytail, pulling the last piece of hair only halfway through to make a loose bun. Second, tease the bun to fan it out and create a part in the center. Finally, take the remaining section of the hair and pull it through the centre of the parted bun, then fix in place with hair pins. Add a little finishing hairspray for a polished look.

And there you have it – a beautiful bow tie without the fuss of silly hairbands or scrunchies.


  1. WOW ........ so want to retouch my hair and make the bow!!!

    1. And I want to do braids so I can try it. It would look so fantastic.



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