Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Spring/Summer Shoes Trends.

No outfit is ever complete without a fabulous pair of shoes to top it off. Here is a look at some of the shoe trends going on at the moment.

Ankle Straps. The ankle strap had lost its popularity on the fashion scene for a while but it is back both in chunky and thin straps. Opt for a thin strap if you are a little big around the ankle and for volume, the chunky big strap is the one for you. Ankle straps are perfect for skirts and dresses for maximum visibility.

Color Blocking. Color blocking is still one of the runaway trends this season and it doesn’t only stop with clothes. Multi candy colored shoes are a fabulous way to make an otherwise bland monochromatic outfit pop. Color blocked shoes are suitable for neutral colored outfits.

Au Natural. Natural fibre like cork, rope heels and beads is the way to go for a touch of ethnicity. They are perfect for summer dresses and the bohemian look.

Printed Shoes. The snake skin print on shoes has taken over from where the leopard print let off. Unlike the leopard print, the snake skin comes in an assortment of colours catering to the different needs out there.

Metallic. Metallic colors are still very much on vogue. They are the perfect jewellery for your feet.

Ps: Pictures are courtesy of Google.


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