Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Common Hair Mistakes.

All women try to maintain their hair looking good all the time but in doing so, there are some mistakes they make when hair growth is poor and lacks lustre.

Split Ends. Most women think that not trimming or cutting off split ends will enable hair growth yet it is not the case. Leaving split ends only hinders hair growth. It is good practice to cut them off whenever you go for a touch up.

Combing Wet Hair. We all make this mistake even the well learned stylists at the salon. Hair breaks easily whenever it is combed while wet because, the more you try to pass a comb through to untangle it, most of it remains in the comb. Before making an attempt at combing wet hair, first put conditioner and then proceed.

Holding Hair in one position/place. This is usually committed by ladies who get their weaves or hair additions bonded. Different glues are used to bond the hair additions to the skin(because they want it to blend in with their natural hair) which kills the roots due to overuse.

Toweling hair dry. It is better to tie a towel around wet hair turban style after washing it to soak up the excess water instead of vigorously toweling it dry. Every time you do this, the hair breaks and most of it remains in the towel.

Lack of rest. One of the hindrances to hair growth and lustre is too many visits to the salon and the heated styling tools they use on the hair. Over use of the dryer, curling and flat iron tools makes the hair more brittle to the touch and it loses shine. It is good practice to let the hair rest from the salon and the styling tools by plaiting or getting a weave.

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