Thursday, April 19, 2012

Layering Bangles!

Some girls love shoes, bags, clothes etc but I love Jewellery. It is my poison. Give me a piece of good jewellery and I will love you for ever! I have a collection that is enough to fill a small boutique.
I have a vast collection of bangles in different material, shapes and sizes which I love to stack, layer, arrange or mix when it comes to wearing them. A lot of people commend me on the stacking or layering (whatever you want to call it) and it is in this vein that I am writing a How-To post on layering.
You can take your bangles from this;

From L-R Plastic floral bangles, Wooden Bangles, Black Metallic Bangles, Red and Yellow African Bangles.
To this;

L-R Floral & Black Metallic Bangles, Wooden & Black Metallic Bangles, Floral & African Bangles, Wooden & Floral Plastic Bangles.
What I love about layering is the volume it creates on the wrist. I am into big volume when the need or occasion calls for it and sometimes I take it down to a little subtle and sophisticated as a lady should be.
And…with layering, you end up having a little fun and bang for your buck when you get creative with your bangles.

Ps: You can check out more of my collection here and check out a few more stacking or layering ideas and with different metals on refinery29.

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