Friday, April 13, 2012

Accessories: Bangles!

Bangles are one of the go-to accessories when it comes to arm candy jewellery. They come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, metals,  wood and in an assortment of colours availing you with a variety to choose from.
Bangles when worn go well on short sleeved or sleeveless tops like Tanks/Vests, shirts and dresses and dressy tops.
Dressed up or down they never fail to add a little pop to any outfit.
How To Wear Bangles.
Mix. You can mix small and big bangles together for a little or extra volume on the wrist.

Assorted Colours. I personally love a colourful display of bangles which you can also do by wearing multicoloured bangles together or mixing different colours and wearing them in one go.

Chaotic Arm candy. Chaos on the wrist is very fashionable today. Wear an assortment of different shapes, sizes, colours and metals at once and you will feel very fierce!

In one go. If you after making a fashion statement, it does not matter the arrangement, you can wear all you want in one go and make your mark on fashion.

Subtle and Sophisticated. If you are into the prim and proper look, a few bangles on the wrist will work for you.

The beauty about accessorizing with bangles is you do not have to match them to your outfit!


  1. cute!

    Haha I don't feel naked. I normally i wear white tank top with that peplum floral skirt, I tried something else just for my blog. Plus I was inspired by Prada Spring 2012 collection :)

    From now on I might wear bandeau tops and any thing with high waisted bottomw .. I love it

    Thanks for you feed back honey

    <3 Una

  2. How I love your arm candy. So jealous!!

  3. Thank you. Shame you are not into jewellery.



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