Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trends From Fashion Week 2012.

The month of January always brings round one of the biggest events in the fashion industry especially for designers and clients alike. It marks the beginning of Fashion Week where designers showcase their latest collections on the most glamorous runways. From Paris to Milan. Fashion Week manages to forecast trends for the different seasons.
Here are some of the trends straight off the Fashion Week Runways.
Velvet. Velvet is one of those materials that rarely appear on runways and red carpets but when they do, they make an impact and this is what velvet did. Designers could not ignore the luxurious look and feel of this fabric anymore as it made its debut on so many Fashion week runways in the most beautiful creations  of coats, gowns and pants.

Gucci Fall12
Peplum. I love this change from the ruffle family. Peplum is a ruffle that is either at the bottom of the top or at the waist of a skirt not to be mistaken with the tulip skirt though. Seeing it as one of the trends to watch out for on the runway was very nice as it last appeared on the fashion scene in the 1940s but made a slow comeback last year.

Christian Dior SS12
High Collars. The collar trend has changed in so many different ways lately that it is a little hard to keep up with since a lot of necklines are on fashion but the high collar cemented its place on the runway making it one of the trends to look out for this coming season.

Stella McCartney Fall12
Colored Leather. Tired of the normal, common, black and tan leather? Well, you will applaud to the change in this timeless, classic material because it has gotten more colorful! Leather in jewel toned hues graced so many a designer’s collections ensuring its fix for the addicts out there.

Yves Saint Laurent Fall12
Pockets. Pockets made their mark on the runway as designers showcased collections with visibly over-sized pockets on military jackets, pants and dresses to fashionable dainty coats. Big visible pockets are the way to go for this trend.

Chloe Fall12



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