Monday, March 5, 2012


Peplum is a term used describe a dress, top or skirt with a ruffle at the bottom or top. It first appeared on the fashion scene in the 1940s, took a rest then reappeared again in the 1980s. It had been awhile since this peppy trend was on the scene though not for long.
This trend tried to make a comeback last season but it was not wholly embraced unlike this season. Fashion week runways this year featured a lot of peplum collections from the Christian Dior peplum jackets to Burberry Prorsum skirts, Peplum is one of the trends to look out for on the streets and off the runways.

Christian Dior SS 2012
 Not only is it a nice way to show off a really trim waist, you hardly need to accessorize due to the ruffles littered over the dress or skirt. Peplum is an accessory in itself.

Burberry Prorsum 2012

The pictures used are courtesy of nymag.


  1. I love peplum. I'm sure everywoman look nice in peplum.

    <3 Una

  2. yaaaaap!!!!!!!shud get myself one!quick

  3.  Yes they do and it looks even better on curvy women.

  4. Just saw someone this morning in a peplum coat and I loved!! It is nice seeing people keeping up with the trend.

  5. cute!!!



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