Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Nails From Fashion Week.

Fashion Week is a world wide event where designers get to showcase their collections not only clothes but also some of the nail art sported by the models chosen by the designers to go with their runway collections.
Here is a look at some of the nail art that was sported by models on the runways of various designers.

 From L-R Costello Fred Butler Jeremy Scott Nicole Miller Pamela Love Rachel Antonoff


  1. I love the Nicole Miller Rainbow inspired spiral nails. They will look fab on me if I tried them out. The Jeremy Scott nails are gorgeous too.

  2. My God Jr,i thought i luved and followed f/w buh alas!!!!!!!!!I luv that art though

  3. Alas! I love the nail art of late. So many people are getting creative with the designs.

  4. They are gorgeous. I'd try them out if we had good creative designers here. The Jeremy Scott petals are beautiful too.

  5. aww tnx for your comment. Yeah the chain is pretty long but I like it that way hehe. That's not connected to the skirt. It's connected to the elastic that's around my thigh :) Hey like my facebook page pls. then you will see the chain more detailed..


  6. Awww.. Awesome nailart!!

    I might want to try it at home <3Creative post darling!I really love it ;)

    ♥ sugarpuff ♥Pinkie Anggia

  7. Great photos! Thanks for all the data! This is the information I was looking for.



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