Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Cinch That Waist!

Belts are one of the quickest ways to transform an outfit. It is no wonder that they are one of the hottest accessories at the moment especially since they come in all sorts of colors, lengths and shape. Not only are they suitable for any outfit, belts also flatter all body shapes and sizes.
Here’s a few ways on how to cinch your waist with this hot accessory.
Hippy Chic
Take a leaf out of the book of hippies and wear a low slung belt right at the hips.

Vanessa Hudgens 
Greek Goddess
Be your own Greek Goddess and create an umpire waist by wearing a wide belt immediately under your bust line.

Show Off
Wear a skinny belt and wrap it the whole way round your waist to show off and also cinch that waist in.

Katie Holmes

Ps: The pictures used are courtesy of Google and not mine.


  1.  I love the fact that they can go on anything and instantly change the look of the outfit.

  2. belts are one of the fashion wonders!



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