Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Tips For A Fabulous Bright Lip.

A bold colorful lip is the makeup and beauty trend of choice lately from celebrities to the fashion conscious in that it is no stranger on many faces. Here is a few ways to help you wear this fabulous lip color without shame.

  • Make sure your lips are super soft and hydrated before laying down heavy pigment. You need to have a smooth canvas for your color.
  • Block out the natural pigment in your lips by applying foundation or concealer directly to your pout.
  • Blot with a tissue to pick up any left over foundation, which can end up diluting the lipstick pigment.
  • Begin application in the center of the mouth-applying directly from the tube or with a lip brush-and then blend outwards to the corners of the lips. this technique allows you to slowly build up color and control its intensity.
  • Once you've achieved your desired tone, blot and then reapply the lipstick to give it staying power.

For a precision look-finish your look by tracing the natural line with a lip pencil that matches your lipstick.

For a softer look, only a line from the corners of the mouth into the bow of the upper lip, and then use your finger to smudge inward; you'll end up with a perfect, airbrushed effect.


  1. All females need to rock the bright lip, love it more in pink. Thank you for the tips will definitely try them out.

  2. i luuv the bold lip,everyone shud be rocking it!!!!!!!!!!!



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