Monday, January 2, 2012

Faux Fur.

Fur is one of those trends that come and go with time but never out of style. This season, we’ve seen a Furry comeback and it is where its at. Wearing real fur is a crime against Animal Rights but not so for FAUX (FAKE) fur.  So fluffy and warm, this trend will keep you toasty through the cold without compromising on style and fashion. Just having one exudes luxury.
It is one of those trends that don’t discriminate when it comes to gender as it is unisex whereby both fashion forward men and women can rock it.

Fur-lined leather coat with hood.
For the ladies;  a furry waistcoat combined with either short trousers or a dress will give you the added look of luxury.

PS: The pictures used are not mine.


  1. I am in love with fur. I feel so high class when I wear a furry item, the fur-lined jacket is good.

  2. It does. You should get a long faux fur stole, belt it. Looks good on anything.

  3. i luvv faux fur and i think will,it makes any outfit!



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