Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bright Red!

I am utterly obsessed with red lipstick although it is a timeless classic. For this season,  a cherry pout packs a more festive punch this time of year. Whether you're wearing a little black dress or just jeans and a Tee, red lips are always the perfect accessory.
Spotted on everyone from Lea Michele to Emma Watson, this is one makeup trend that can be embraced by all—regardless of skin tone or face shape. Try on a few colors from bright pink to cherry red before committing; once you find a shade that suits you, stock up and wear it like these leading ladies. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal that is a swipe of mascara, a touch of concealer and let the lipstick take center stage.


  1. I love the pink lipstick most. Looks pretty when I see someone wearing it.

  2. This is your time to wear it without fear of standing out like a sore thumb. I love it too especially the powdered type. Looks fabulous.

  3. And dark colors look good on dark people too. You just have to find the shade that suits you then you can Rock it.

  4. I think red lipstick goes well for people with lighter skin.Have red gloss though,i like it so much.
    Nice blog.

  5. i totally luv red lipstick wit apassiiiii...oooo..n!



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