Thursday, December 29, 2011

Yahoo!’s Worst Trends of 2011.

Yahoo! released a list of its worst trends of 2011 which I had to share because I would like to know if you agree with or not. I have edited it to fit the objective of the page. Here goes;

Spider Lashes
The clumpy top and bottom eyelashes that result from a zillion coats of mascara made a dramatic appearance on celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Nicki Minaj. The downside is lumpy, messy mascara that takes double the time to take off that it did to put on.

Animal Prints
It has definitely been the year for the animal prints.  Head to toe animal prints on anyone never looked good. There are too many cheap looking leopard prints that are destroying an otherwise super classic chic look.

Bandage Dresses
This skin tight trend peaked in 2011 and was all over the red carpet on so many celebrities like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Sofia Vargara.

 Super Stilettos
This year saw a rise in heel height, with six-inch shoes hitting New York runways. The low point of this trend is sore feet, and a risk that your footwear could actually send you to the hospital with back pain or worse.

While Kate Middleton gets plenty of praise for fashion inspiration, she also re-introduced sheer pantyhose this year.

Fisherman Feathers
Feather lures made a debut as hair accessories this year. In fact, they were so popular that fly shops were low on inventory for the actual fisherman to use.

 Harem Pants
Harem pants reappeared three years ago and gained a lot of popularity in 2011, are the updated version of the MC Hammer pants from the late 80s. They answer the question, “what would happen if you crossed skinny jeans with a skort, and then added an elastic waistband?” The result is a trend that only Gwen Stefani looks good in.

 Wedge Booties
These were all over the red carpet this year. Much as they look cute, they are not as flattering as everyone thinks because they do nothing to elongate the leg.

For a full list of the worst trends of 2011 go to yahoo

PS: The pictures used are not mine!


  1. The harem pants look good on ladies who are kind of narrow at the hips. I love the animal print trend

  2. ok some i agree,but i luv my harem pants and the bandage dress obviously.



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