Friday, December 16, 2011

Visual Slim-down.

Start looking slimmer right away by wearing clothes that flatter your figure using these optical tricks. 

No To Bulky  Clothes!
Wearing baggy clothes will make you look like a huge lump! fitting clothes are more flattering to the body. loose T-Shirts flatter no one unless worn with tight skinny jeans or cigarette pants.

Long Skirts.
 The length of a skirt is very important. It should stop right below the knee or below the calf. A calf length skirt will make you look short and your legs appear chunky especially for petite ladies.

Pencil skirts in different lengths.

Straight Posture.
A good posture does wonders for the body. It will make you look slimmer in any outfit which may not be the case in reality. Pull your shoulders back and suck in that tummy. This lengthens your spine and makes you look slimmer and taller. 

No To Triangle.
If you are wide with a pear shaped figure, wearing high heels and slim leg trousers can make you look like an over-turned triangle. Go for a straight leg when wearing trousers to get the best out of your figure.
Jumpsuits look good on pear-shaped women

PS: The Pictures used are not mine.


  1. Will look into it but buying new clothes came to me when I read this.

  2. hey! please post info for those of us that have suddenly lost weight and nothing, nothing fits right anymore! aside from new clothes, what else can we do?????

  3. thanx for the advice,happy holidays!

  4. Great tips. I love them. Thank you for sharing.



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