Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sparkly Nails

I love sparkly nails at the moment. They make you feel girly and fabulous at the same time while putting you in a great mood. Who does not smile when they look at their nails with sparkles on them?
They are a great idea for the festive season because it all about; glitter, sequins and tinsel during this time of year. Whatever you do or wear to stand out goes a mile during the festive season- anything to put you in a great mood.

Sparkly Nails with Henna as a base

I did my nails awhile back and added sparkles on them as a finishing touch for a glam look.
I used Henna as a base color and then the sparkly nail polish with a variety of colors then finished up the look with a colourless nail polish for gloss.

Sparkly nails with no base color

 For the second look I did not use a base color just colorless nail polish as a base. Added a few swipes of the sparkly nail polish and then finished it off with colourless nail polish.
Remember to use sparkly nail polish with a variety of colours for a colourful look.
My nails in the second picture are fabulously colourful which makes me love them more.

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  1. am so going to try this out,am waiting for my nails to grow alittle



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