Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Cross-Body Bags and Clutch Purses.

Cross-body bag with detachable strap
Cross-body bags and clutch purses are a huge hit right now for all the fashion savvy. Not only are they cute, girly and absolutely fabulous to have, they are simple and handy at the same time. You can have your hands to yourself or busy with something else without having to worry about your bag.
You can have a two in one bag/purse due to the versatile nature of the cross-body bag. It can morph into a cute clutch purse because of its detachable straps which makes it very attractive to have as all that comes in one set-up.
They are comfortable to carry around due to their simplistic yet stylish compact nature. Beware that they only carry necessities, so if you are into big purses or bags, a cross-body bag will not work for you.

Clutch Purse
These come in all sorts of colors and sizes depending on what you need one for. You can opt for a full cross-body bag without detachable straps for a casual outing but if you are a girl on the go; one with detachable straps will suit you perfectly as it can take you from the day to a night out on the town by turning it into a clutch purse.
Not only will being seen with one of these make you very stylish and trendy, you will also be the envy of your friends for being at the height of fashion.


  1. Nice purse. The detail is so chic and lovely! We like it!

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  2. yaaay,this post is pointing right at me, i literally have more cross bags than huge bags in my closet,as u've sadi i lluuuuv their simplicity and yet, stylish!!!



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