Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Perfect Mani & Pedi.

Nails are an essential part to a woman's body and beauty especially when done right. The right nails with the right outfit can make you stand out but it is not an easy feat to accomplish for some. Perfect nails for both fingers and toes are easy to achieve if you apply these handy-tried and tested tips.

·         Sleep on it:
At night, scrub your feet, apply a super-rich moisturizing lotion and sleep in socks. Your feet will be feeling baby soft the next morning.

·         Clean Up:
Remove all excess polish with a stiff, angled liner brush. Dip the brush in remover, brush off excess polish , and wipe the brush clean a piece of cotton wool.

·         Sugar Scrub:
Make your own home-made scrub by moisturizing sugar with sunflower oil preferably and scrub both hands and feet to exfoliate the skin, remove dead cells and stimulate blood circulation.

·         Top Coat:
Apply a top coat as soon as you see a chip in the nail polish. Remember to wash your hands and feet first beforehand, as grease prevents the layer from adhering.

And there you have it. The Tips to a perfect Mani & Pedi.


  1. And use an emery board or wooden nail filer. Your nails don't break so much then.
    Thank you for the lovely comment.

  2.  I normally cut my nails with nail cutter in usual shape.Nice artical for women who know they are beautiful and trendy.Guess have got a lot to learn about being a lady.Keep up the good work.



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