Monday, October 3, 2011

Shape Up.

    While you won't be able to alter the shape of your mouth completely, you can even up unbalanced lips or make them appear larger and smaller with the correct application of lipstick.

  1. Full lips can be made to appear thinner by lightly covering them with foundation to blur the edges. Using a dark lip liner, outline lips just inside their natural edge, then brush on a lip color. Avoid pearly or glossy colors as these will make the lips look even fuller.
  2. Thin lips can look fuller if accentuate their shape by outlining just outside their natural edge with a light lip liner. Brush on a lip color inside the line you have drawn. Avoid using matte colors as these can make them look thinner. Slightly glossy colors will make lips look fuller.
  3. A thin upper lip is balanced by penciling just outside the top lip line and filling in. make sure you use a slightly lighter application on the bottom lip.
  4. A thin bottom line can be corrected by outlining the bottom lip only, and then using a slightly thicker coat of color on the top lip.

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