Monday, September 26, 2011

The Cropped-Sleeve Tuxedo Jacket.

The tuxedo jacket has been around for generations and has never lost its touch of elegance and class no matter the many variations made to it. It is one of those items that continue to stand the test of time with each new variation better than the last.

 The tuxedo jacket is one of those trends that recur season by season and today's cropped sleeve tuxedo jacket is no different although it has been tailor-made to fit a man's silhouette with cropped sleeves. The tailor-made fit gives the man that touch of class and elegance that the tuxedo jacket is known for without losing its original flare.

It is such a versatile trend that not only can it be worn from casual to formal occasions, it can go from day to night with the right accessories depending on the occasion or event and is suitable for everyday if one wants to make their outfit stand out.
The recently concluded Mtv Video Music Awards showed a display of many male celebrities wearing this very stylish trend.

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