Monday, August 29, 2011

The perfect Pout.

One of the looks this season is glamorous, where the aim is to wear the deepest, boldest colors possible when it comes to lipstick.
The best thing about lipstick is that it lasts much longer than lip gloss. A good lipstick will take you right through lunch, whereas lip gloss usually disappears with your first cup of tea.
Lipstick is easy to apply, even if it requires a little more attention during application, and it is less likely to run.

Getting the look

  • Apply lip balm and wait for it to absorb so that your lips are moisturized.
  • Line your lips with lip liner that is the same shade as the lipstick you intend to wear.
  • Use a lip brush to fill in your color of choice. Dark lip colors demand more precision application which is best achieved with a lip brush. Using a lip brush means you use less lipstick having control of how deep or lighter you want.
  • Blot your lip stick with a layer of tissue paper.
  • Re-apply the lip color.
  • Skip the lip gloss but if you are attached to the high-shine look, use an opaque lip gloss rather than a clear, transparent one.
  • Part of the beauty of this look is having a precisely shaped mouth. So take your time to outline your cupid's bow and define the lower lip with lip liner. The result is a sexy modern look for the new YOU.

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